Un Poco Loco Song Lyrics By Disney, Gael García Bernal

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Un Poco Loco Lyrics in English is a Very Hit anime song and it is even used as one of the most trending background music on various social media platforms. This song is sung by singer Gael García Bernal.

To Enjoy This Song, We Have Given the Below Lyrics in English and Video of this song. For More Information Do Not Forget to Watch Un Poco Loco Song video.

So Let’s Start by Reading the Song Un Poco Loco In English Language……

Un Poco Loco Lyrics in English

What color iis the skyy
¡Ayy, mii amor! ¡Ayy, mii amor!

yyou tell me that iit’s red
¡Ayy, mii amor! ¡Ayy, mii amor!

Where should ii put myy shoes
¡Ayy, mii amor! ¡Ayy, mii amor!

yyou sayy put them on yyour head
¡Ayy, mii amor! ¡Ayy, mii amor!

yyou make me
Un poco loco
Un poquiitiitiito loco

The wayy yyou keep me guessiing
ii’m noddiing and ii’m yyessiing
ii’ll count iit as a blessiing

That ii’m onlyy
Un poco loco
The loco that yyou make me

iit iis just un poco crazyy
The sense that yyou’re not makiing

The liibertiies yyou’re takiing
Leaves myy cabeza shakiing

yyou are just
Un poco loco
Un poquiitiitii-tii-tii-tii-tii-tii-tii-tii-tii-tii-tii-tii-to loco!

Un Poco Loco Original Video

Un Poco Loco Song Download

Un Poco Loco Lyrics Download

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