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The Full Name of Gulabi Ankhen Wala Song Is Gulabi Aankhen Song. This Is a Very Good Movie Song in Which the Role of Actress Nanda or Rajesh Khanna Is Depicted. This Song Is from The Train Movie, in Which Rajesh Khanna Plays the Role of Actress Nanda’s Lover.

Gulabi Aankhen English Lyrics

Gulabi Ankhen Song Is Sung by Singer Mohammed Rafi Himself. Music Composition of This Song by R.D. Burman and Its Lyrics Are Penned by Anand Bakshi Himself.

The Song Depicts Actor Rajesh Khanna Falling in Love with Nanda. Both Wanted to Marry and Settle Down. At The Same Time, Let Us Tell You that Nanda Also Wants Her to Be Safe in This Role and Wants to Spend Her Whole Life with Her.

It Is Also Shown in This Video that In the End They Run Away from The Era to Be with Each Other and Try to Overcome Many Difficulties Together to Live Life Together.

Do Not Forget to Watch This Movie the Train for Information About how They Are Able to Play Their Life Together in The Next Story and Watch the Video Below to Know the Story Ahead.

So Let’s Start by Reading the Lyrics of Gulabi Aankhen Song in English Language……

Gulabi Aankhen Lyrics in English

Laa Laa Laa Laa

Laa Laa Laa Laa Laa Laa Laa Laa Laa – (x3)

Gulaabi Aankhe Joo Teri Dekhi

Sharabii Ye Dil Hoo Gyaa

Sambhaalo Mujhkoo Ooo Mere Yaaroon

Sambhlna Mushkil Hoo Gyaa

Dil Mei Meree Khwaab Teree

Bas Teere Jaisee Hoo Deewaar Pe

Tujhpee Fida Main Kyun Hua

Aata Haii Gussaa Mujhe Pyaar Pee

Mai Luut Gya Maan Ke Dil Kaa Kaha

Main Kahin Thaa Naa Raha

Kya Kru  Main Dilruba

Pura Ye Jaadu Terii Aankhon Kaa

Yee Mera Kaatil Hoo Gyaa

Gulaabi Aankhee Joo Terii Dekhi

Sharaabii Yee Dil Hoo Gyaa

Maine Sdaa Chaaha Yehi

Daaman Bacha Loon Haseenoo See Main

Terii Kasam Khwaaboo Mein Bhi

Bachtaa Firta Nazroon Se Main

Tauba Magar Mill Gyi Tujhsee Nazar

Mill Gaya Dard-E-Jigarr

Sunn Zraa Ooo Beekhabar

Zara Sa Haske Joo Dekhaa Tune

Mai Tera Bismil Hoo Gyaa

Gulaabi Aankhen Joo Teri Dekhi

Sharaabii Yee Dill Hoo Gyaa

Sambhaaloo Mujhkoo Ooo Mere Yaaron

Sambhlna Mushkill Hoo Gyaa

Gulabi Aankhen Student of The Year Lyrics

The Girl’s Got Everything 4
I have Got It All,
Jimmy Chooo & Manoloo, Pradaa, Gallianoo,
Can’t Get Nuff, I Want Moore and Moree…
Luis Vuittoon & the Steella Mccartneey, Donaatella Versaace,
I Use Bag from Gucci …

Gulabii Ankhei Joo Meri Dekhi,
Diwana Hrrr Dill Ho gya,
Sambhaloo Khud Koo, Zaraa Becharoo,
Kii Jeenaa Mushkil Hoo Gya
The Girl’s Got Everything 4
Mujh see Khi, Koi Nhii,
Joo Sab K Khabo Mee Haii, I’m the One
Duniya Meree, Pichee Chale,
Maii Sabsee Aage Hu, I’m Number One
I’ve Got It Alll,

Jimmmy Chooo & Manolo, Pradaa, Galliano,
Can’t Get Nuff, I Want Moore and Moree…
Luis Vuittoon & the Stella Mccartney, Donaatella Versace,
I Use Bag from Guccci !!
Gulabii Ankhei Joo Meri Dekhii,
Diwana Hrrr Dill Ho gya,
Sambhalol Khud Koo, Zra Becharoo,
Ki Jeena Mushkil Hoo Gya
The Girl’s Gott Everything 4

Gulabi Aankhen Ukulele Chords

Am           G                  F                 E

Gulaabi Aankhen Joo Teri Dekhii Sharaabii Ye Dil Hoo gaya

Am        G                    F                     E

Sambhaalo Mujhko Ooo Mere Yaro Sambhlna Mushkil Hoo gaya

Am       F          G           F                  E

Dill Mein Mere Khwaab Tere Tasveer Jaise Hoo Deewaar Pee

Am         F           G          F               E

Tujh Pee Fidaa Mai Kyu Hua Aata Haii Gussa Mujhee Pyaar Pee

Am                G                              F

Mai Lutt Gyaa Maan Ke Dil Ka Khaa Mei Kahin Ka Na Raha


Kya Kahu Mai Dilrubaa

Am              G                  F                  E

Buraa Yee Jaadu Teri Aankhon Ka Yee Mera Katil Hoo gaya

Am            G                  F                      E

Gulaabi Aankhen Jo Teri Dekhi Sharaabi Ye Dil Hogaya

Am           G                   F                       E

Sambhalo Mujh Koo Ooo Mere Yaro Sambhlnaa Mushkil Ho gaya

Am         F          G             F                 E

Maine Sdaa Chaha Yahi Daman Bachalu Haseeno Mai

Am         F            G          F                    E

Teri Kasam Khaboo Mai Bhi Baachta Phiraa Naaze neeno See Main

Am          G                     F                    E

Tauba Magar Mil Gayii Tujh Se Nazar Mil Gyaa Dard E Jigaar


Sun Zaraa Oh Bekhabaar

Am            G                  F                   E

Zara Saa Has Ke Jo Dekhaa Tu Ne Main Teraa Bismil Ho gaya

Am            G                       F                   E

Gulabi Aankhen Joo Teri Dekhi Sharabii Yee Dil Ho gaya

Gulabi Aankhen Audio Song Download

Gulabi Aankhen Remix Lyrics

Gulabi Aankhen Atif Aslam Lyrics

Gulabi Aankhen Song Details

Music Director: R.D. BURMAN

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