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What We Are?

Welcome to lyricbrary.com this website is called lyrics library but we call it lyricbrary in short. We have created this website for people like you. Lyricbrary is for those who love music and want to sing, those who are bathroom singers who want to sing when they are taking showers or alone in rooms. 

If you’re going on a long journey or going to impress someone you are also welcome to read our lyrics to impress their loved ones.

We are very hardworking and dedicated to lyricbrary and we are constantly storing lyrics of songs in all possible languages to create a database of lyrics.

Where people of the music industry can find the collection of lyrics to learn from it, sing and practice the music for their career.

Music is a part of human civilization it’s like a way of living for people. People love it because it makes them happy, sad, romantic etc. And for those people, we are here storing publicly available songs lyrics and details about that melody.

What We Have?

In lyricbrary, you’ll find all about Songs Lyrics, Song Writers Name, Song Singers Name, Song Composers Name, Song Directors Name, Song Ablums Name Etc. 

These details will give you complete insight that will inspire you or motivate you to create wonderful music. We’ll appreciate your help if you share this website with others.

So, whoever looking for great lyrics to sing can find some on our website and begin their new journey towards singing.

If you have any questions/suggestions in mind you can contact us through the contact page. 

If you are using our website you should also check our disclaimer and privacy policy before using this website.

There is so much to tell about us but we are more eager to hear about you/your thoughts so feel free to share your opinions with us.

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