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Shiv Tandava Stotra Is Also Known by The Name: Shivtandava Stotra in Sanskrit Lnguage. Shiv Tandav English Lyrics Is Bascially a Sanskrit Hymn Whose Every Word Is Taken from Sanskrit Language and The Lyrics of This Hymn Are Written in Full Sanskrit. In This Hymn, Lord Shiva Has Been Praised a Lot and His Goodness Is Shown.

This Hymn is Describing All About the Power and Beauty of Shiva, Traditionally Attributed By Ravana, The King of Lanka. You Will Be Surprised to Know that Lankapati Ravana Is Considered as a Great Devotee of Shiva.

It Is Believed that Ravana Composed this Hymn in Praise of Shiva and His Request for Salvation Was Also Accepted.

So Today We Will Know About Shiv Tandav Bhajan, How Old Is This Hymn, The Lyrics of This Hymn as Well as Why We Use This Hymn on All Auspicious Occasions.

Let Us Now Start by Reading the Lyrics of Shiv Tandav English Lyrics Hymn……

Shiv Tandav English Lyrics

Jatavigalajal Flow

She Wore a Garland of Serpentine Peaks Hanging from Her Neck.


He Performed Chandatandava. May Lord Shiva Grant Us Auspiciousness.

The Tangled Hair Was Cut and The Smile Was Confused.

There Was a Pagoda Revolving on His Head.

Dhagadgadda Gajvallat Pattapavake

My Passion Is for Every Moment Young Chandra Shikhar.

Dhara Dharmendra Nandini Vilas Brothers-

The Bright Eyes of The Children Filled with Joy and Pride.

Kindness Kshadharini Niruddhadurdharpadi

Sometimes the Mind Can Enjoy the Object in The Universe.

Jata Bhujam Gapingal

The Bride’s Face Was Smeared with The Liquid of Kadamba and Saffron.

Madandha Sindhu

May the Mind Be Filled with Wonderful Entertainment in The Lord of All Beings.

Sahasra Lochan Prabhti Seshalekh Shekhar-

The Flowers Are Dusty, and The Ground Is the Seat of The Widow’s Feet.

The King of Serpents Is Tied with A Garland of Jackets

May the Peak of Brothers Be Born in Prosperity for A Long Time.

Lalta Chattvarajvaldhananjayasfoorigbha-

The Five-Arrow Sword Was Lowered and Snuffed.

Sitting on The Summit, Sudha Mayukh Is Writing

May the Great Kapali, the Source of Wealth, Grant Us Victory Over Our Heads.

Karal Bhal Plaquedhagadgadgadgajjwala-

Dhananjay Had a Tremendous Five Arrows in His Hand.

Dhardharendra Nandini Kuchagrachitrapatra-

My Mind Is Fixed on The Three Eyed Man Who Is the Sole Craftsman of The Design.

New Cloud Circle Niruddhadurdharsfur

Tkuhu Is the Darkest of Nights, and He Is the Shoulder of The Manager’s Brother.

Let the Ocean of Creation Breastfeed the Earth in The Fall of Nilimpas

He Is the Friend of The Treasures of Art and The Holder of The Prosperity of The World.

Prafulla Neel Pankaj Prapanchkali Machhata-

The Shoulder of The Neck of The Ridiculer Is the Shoulder of The Manager of Rarruchi

They Break Memory, They Break City, They Break Existence, They Break Sacrifice

I Worship the Elephant-Cutter Who Cuts the Darkness and The One Who Cuts the Darkness.

Agaravamangala Kalakadambamanjari-

The Flow of Taste Is Sweet, the Breadth Is Honey, and The Vrat Is Honey.

Monument, Antique, Emotional, Sacrificial

I Worship the Destroyer of Elephants and The Destroyer of Death.

Jayatavadbhravibhram Bhramadbhujangamsphura-

Didegaddagadvi Issuematkaral Also Havyavat-

Dhimidhimidhi Namridangtungamangal-

The Tremendous Dance of The Lord in The Sequence of Sounds Is Auspicious.

Vishydvichitalapayorbhujanga Muktikamasarajo-

They Are the Best of The Best, and They Are Friend and Foe.

The Eyes of The Grass and The Lotus Are the Subjects of The Earth and The Mountain

When Should I Worship Lord Sadashiv Keeping My Mind Balanced?

When Did Nilimpanirjhari Live in The Cave of The Garden?

He Was Free from Bad Thoughts and Always Kept the Palms of His Hands on His Head.

He Had Loose Eyes and A Red Beard

When Will I Be Happy to Chant the ‘shiva’ Mantra?

Nilimpa Nathanagari Kadamba Maulmalika-

Nigumphanirbhaksaramma Has a Lovely Aroma of Smoke.

May He Always Give Us the Joy of Our Hearts and The Joy of Our Hearts

Take Refuge in The Supreme Abode, the Heaps of The Light of That Part.

Prachanda Vadvanal Prabhashupracharani

She Wanted the Great Eightfold Perfection and Talked About Being Invited by The People.

The Sound of The Wedding Ceremony Opened from His Left Eye.

May He Who Is Adorned with The Mantra ‘shiva’ Be Born for The Conquest of The Universe.

For This Is the Best Hymn Ever to Be Free and Free

Anyone Who Recites This Mantra, Memorizes It and Speaks It Continuously Becomes Holy.

Good Devotion to Hare Guru Does Not Attain Any Other Destination Soon

It Is Really Misleading to Think of Lord Shiva with A Body.

Ten-Winding Song at The End of Worship

One Who Recites This Worship of Lord Shambhu in The Morning

His Stable Chariot with Elephants and Horses

Lakshmi Always Provides a Beautiful Face to Lord Shambhu.

Shiv Tandav Original Song Download

Shiv Tandav Ke Bare Mei

In the Uttara Kanda Text of The Hindu Epic Ramayana, It Is Told that The Ten-Headed and Twenty-Armed Mighty King Ravana, at A Place Near Mount Kailash, Built the City of His Half-Brother and The God of Wealth, Kubera, Which We Know as Alka. He Was Returning After Defeating and Plundering This City.

After His Conquest, the Mighty King Ravana Was Returning to His Kingdom in Lanka in The Pushpak Vimana (which He Had Stolen from Kubera), on His Way Back He Found a Very Beautiful Place on The Way, that The Chariot Could Not Be Carried Over to That Place.

Lankapati Ravana Was Surprised to Know This, He Found Nandi Ji, the Dwarf Man Who Appeared in The Face of Shiva’s Bull Available There and Asked the Reason for His Chariot’s Inability to Pass Over that Place, Nandi Ji Told Ravana That, Here Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati Were Enjoying the Bliss on This Mountain and At Present No One Is Allowed to Pass from Here or Over It. Hearing This, Ravana Made Fun of Both Shiva and Nandi.

After This, Nandi, Enraged by His Master’s Humiliation, Cursed Ravana that One Day He and His Kingdom Would Be Destroyed by Monkeys and Their Emperors, in Return, Ravana Was Enraged and Enraged by The Inability to Curse. He Decided to Uproot the Entire Kailash Mountain.

Lankapati Ravana Put All His Twenty Arms Under Mount Kailash and Tried to Lift It, Due to Which Kailash Started Shaking and Fearful Mother Parvati Embraced Shiva.

However, the Omniscient Shiva Had Already Realized that Lankapati Ravana is Behind This Menace and He Easily Rammed the Mountain with One Thumb of His Big Feet, Trapping Ravana Below. Ravana Shouted, Loudly to His Ministers and Advisors in Pain but No One Could Save Him from There.

Lankapati Ravana, Who Was Buried in That Mountain, Sang Hymns in Praise of Shiva for A Thousand Years and Did Penance and Apologized for This Distant Work He Had Done.

In the End, Shiva Not only Forgave Ravana but Also Gave Him an Invincible Sword Named Chandrahas.

As Per to The Puranas, It Is Also Believed that Ever Since Ravana Cried After the Fact, He Was Given the Name Ravana which Means – One Who Cried.

The Verses Sung by Ravana Were Collected at One Place and Came to Be Known as Shiva Tandava Stotra.

Shiv ​​Tandav Bhajan Details
Title: Shiv Tandav Stotra
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan
Composer: Shailesh Dani
Lyrics: Traditional
Language: Sanskrit
Shiv Tandav – Facts

Shiv Tandav Writer

The Author of Shiv Tandav Is Lanka-Pati Ravana.

Shiv Tandav Youtube

You Can Get to See the You Tube Video of Shiv Tandav Here Below.

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