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Shiv Chalisa Literally Means Shiv Par Forty Chaupai. This Is a Very Interesting Hymn. This Hymn Was Sung by Manoj Pub. Ed. Board. Written and Published by Manoj Publications in 2009. This Hymn Is Often Heard in Your Homes in The Form of Aarti After Daily or Special Festivals Like Every Maha Shivratri.

The Shiva Chalisa Consists of 40 Chaupais Adapted from The Shiva Purana, and This Shiva Chalisa Is Sung by Shiva Devotees and Shiva Worshipers Especially as An Aarti Every Day or After Special Festivals Such as Maha Shivaratri.

So Today We Will Know About Shiv Chalisa Bhajan, How Old Is This Hymn, the Lyrics of This Hymn as Well as Why We Use This Hymn on What Auspicious Occasion.

Let Us Now Start by Reading the Lyrics of Shiv Chalisa….

Shri Shiv Chalisa Lyrics in English

॥ Doha॥

Shri Ganesh Girija Suvan, Mangal Mool Sujan.
You Say Ayodhyaadas, Deehu Abhay Is a Boon.

Jai Girija Husband Deen Dayala. Always Doing Progeny
The Moon Fell Asleep. Kanan Kundal of Hawthorn
Shed Anga Gaur Shir Ganga. Put on Your Body.

The Clothes Were Worn by Baghamber. Nag Muni Mohe Looking at The Image
The Darling of Mother Maina. Bam Ang Sohat Image Nyari॥
Kar Trishul Sohat Image Heavy. Kart Is Always the Enemy’s Destroyer.

Nandi Ganesh Sohai Tahan How. the Ocean Is Like Lotus in The Middle.
Kartik Shyam and Ganarau. or Don’t Let the Image Go.
Devan Called Whenever He Went. only Then Lord Will End the Sorrow.

Did Nuisance Tarak Heavy. Devan Sab Mili Tumhin Juhari
You Should Study Immediately. Lovenimesh Kill Me
You Are the Jalandhar Asura Sahara. Suyash Tumhar Vidit Samsara

Tripurasur Sun Waged War. Everyone Please Save Me
Did Tapah Bhagirath Heavy. Purab Pratigya Tasu Purari॥
Danin Mahan You Are Not Even. the Servant Praises Forever.

The Name of Veda Was Sung by Glory. the Unspoken Beginning Could Not Be Distinguished.
The Flame Manifested in The Churning of Udhi. Jare Surasur Bhaye Vihala
Keenh Mercy Tahan Curry Sahayee. Then Where Was the Name Neelkanth?

When Did You Worship Ramchandra? Vibhishana Dinha for Victory
Sahas Getting Stripes in Lotus. Which Exam Is Then Complete?
One Lotus Lord Rakheu Joi. Kamal Nayan Poojan

Lord Shankar Saw Hard Devotion. Fearful and Happiee Given the Desired Bride.
Jay Jay Jay Eternal Indestructible. Do All’s Favors
Wicked Gross Hatred Is Tormenting. Don’t Be Confused, Mohi, Don’t Rest.

Call Me Nath. Mohi on This Opportunity Salvage
Lai Trishul Kill Shatrun. Get out Of Trouble
Mother Father Brother Everyone. No One Asks in Trouble

Lord Is Your Hope. Aye Harhuu, Now the Crisis Is Heavy.
Never Give Money to Poor People. Whoever Checks Finds the Fruit.
How Can I Praise You? Sorry Nath Is Now Our Mistake.

Shankar Is the Destroyer of Trouble. Destruction of Obstacles Due to Mars
Yogi Yeti Muni Should Meditate. Narad Sharad Sheesh Navain
Namo Namo Jai Namo Shivaay. the Sound Could Not Cross Brahmadik.

The One Who Recited This Brought It to Mind. Shambhu Sahai
Whoever Is the Officer. Recite so Holy Hari
No One Wants to Make a Son Inferior. Surely Shiv Prasad Tehi Hoi.

Bring the Pandit Trayodashi. Get Home Carefully
Always Observe Trayodashi. Don’t Keep Your Body
Offer Incense, Lamp, Naivedya. Listen to The Text in Front of Shankaar.

Take Away the Sins of Birth. Stay in Shivpur
Say Ayodhya Is Your Hope. Know that The Whole Sorroow Is Ours.

॥ Doha॥

In the Morning, I Recite Chalisa.
You Fulfill My Wish, Jagdish.

Magasar Chhathi Hemant Atu, Samvat Sixty-Four Jan.
Astuti Chalisa Shivahi, Complete Keen Welfare.

Best Time To Read Shiv Chalisa

As It Is Believed that Lord Shiva Has Been Praised in Shiva Chalisa, by The Way, We Can Read Shiva Chalisa Anytime on Any Day.

But According to The Scriptures, We Should Choose It on Monday, Which Is Considered as The Day of Lord Shankar, on Every Monday, We Should Wake up In the Morning and Take a Bath. We Can Get to See a Fruitful Life and Trouble-Free Life Especially by Reciting It.

Benefits of Shiv Chalisa

  • If Seen Then how To Do It to Recite Shiv Chalisa:
    • Wake up Early Every Monday Morning, Take Bath, Wear Clean Clothes and Sit in A Clean Place.
    • Keep in Mind that You Keep Your Face Towards the East and Sit on A Clean Seat.
  • If You Want to Remove Any Kind of Fear from Your Mind, Then You Are Advised to Read the Following Line. Reading These Lines 27 Times in The Morning in Front of Lord Shiva Will Be Beneficial.

Jai Ganesh Girija Suvan’ Mangal Mool Sujan|

Say ‘ayodhya Das Tum’ Give Abhay Boon||

  • If You Want to Get Rid of Any Kind of Sorrows, Then the Following Lines Are for You. Go for Sleep After Reciting These Lines 11 Times in The Night and After the Completion of The Task, Distribute White Sweets to The Poor People, This Will Also Help You Get Your Work Done and The Desire of Clothes of Many Poor People Will Also Be Fulfilled.

Devan Jabhi Jaaye Ko Kala’ Then Lord of The Sorrows You Save||

  • If You Want to Prove Any of Your Kind of Work, Then Select the Following Line. by Reading These Lines 13 Times in The Evening, You Will Get Less Sleep and You Will Also See Your Work Being Accomplished. if You Do This Daily for 27 Consecutive Days, Then You Can Definitely See Accomplishment in That Work.

Worship Ramchandra Jab Kinha’ Vibhishana Dinha for Victory.

  • If You Want to Get a Desired Groom for You Then Select the Following Line. These Lines Will Have to Be Done 54 Times in The Morning to Get the Desired Groom. You Have to Repeat This Process Continuously for 21 Days.

Seeing Hard Devotion, Lord Shankar’ Brother Pleased Gave the Desired Boon||

  • If You Want to Increase Any Kind of Your Money, Then Select the Following Line. You Have to Recite These Lines 11 Times a Day in The Morning.

We Always Give Money to The Poor||

Shiv Chalisa Original Video

You Can Find Here the Youtube Video of Shiv Chalisa Text to Be Seen Below.

Shiv Chalisa PDF in English

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